When watching a ballerina perform we see the beauty, the art, the elegance. What we don’t see are the endless hours of arduous rehearsals. We don’t see the bleeding toes and the swollen feet. We don’t see the pain and sacrifice it takes to bring the dancer’s dream to life.

From the time she was a young girl, born in France, Swann De La Rosa had always dreamed of becoming a ballerina. While growing up she lived in several other countries such as Belgium, South Africa, Canada and finally the US. Wherever she went there was one constant. The dream. The ballet. She studied and practiced everyday for hours after school. She often sacrificed weekends and holidays to practice some more. She’d travel to learn from the best and to become as good as she had dreamed she could be.

In her 20’s she developed other passions as well. She turned her attention to the same path her mother had followed and studied Art & Design. And then, in 2011, a new passion was realized. While studying in New York she discovered the world of Fitness and Bodybuilding!

Her background in ballet has served her well. Here, again, she must push through the pain to get to the beauty!  “It keeps my spirit alive and pushes me every day. This lifestyle has given me much purpose and direction”, says Swann.

After an impressive string of victories in 2011 in the Figure division of the premier amateur organization, the NPC, Swann entered the Arnold Amateur in Columbus, Ohio. She was granted IFBB Pro status by her native country of France after her stunning performance there! Since then, Swann has made continuous improvements to her physique each and every season. This past season she scored a very impressive win at Toronto Pro. She followed that up with an unbelievable performance at the 2016 Figure Olympia, finishing Top 5 in the World and earning immediate qualification to the 2017 Figure Olympia. Now, officially one of the elite IFBB Figure Pros, Swann plans on taking the 2017 Arnold Classic and Arnold Australia by storm!

“What a mind can believe, the body can achieve. Through hard work, dedication and persistence, anything is possible.

I think that truly being passionate about something is very important in order to give it your all. When I was young, Ballet was my passion. Ballet has taught me discipline, to work beyond the pain. It’s taught me perseverance, that complaining and making excuses is just not ok. It’s taught me focus, to get in my own head and let nothing distract me. It’s taught me patience, that self-improvement takes one day at a time and many years of continuous hard work and sacrifices. No matter how tired I was, how sore I was, or how much my toes were bleeding from point shoes, I had to keep going, stay on my toes and smile. You can’t fake it in ballet! There is no easy way to do it and no allowance for defeat. I’ve applied all these things to bodybuilding and I truly believe it’s helped me get to where I am today in this sport and also in life.”

Swann has always been extremely driven. She continuously pushes through the pain, to get to the beauty.